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The problem is real The Locator 911 is the answer

The problem is real The Locator 911 is the answer
The Locator 911

In the United States, over 240 million calls are made annually to 911 for help. That means that over 240 million responses are made by Fire, EMS, Police, or a combination of all three. Unfortunately, many of these responses are met with the same problem.

The address of the residence or location is not adequately marked for responders to find it quickly during an emergency. When you add the factors of inclement weather, rural locations, congested subdivisions, mobile home parks, apartment complexes, and of course, the darkness of night, it can make it very difficult for responders to find you.

Visual Location Identification

Even using today's technologies, it is still difficult to find addresses in many situations. Especially if that location is a new development or on a newly developed road. That is where the Locator 911 comes in.

How it All Began

The Locator 911 is a double patented device that was developed by a paramedic with over 25 years of experience working in the field responding to 911 calls for help. In his career, he saw countless instances where the arrival time at the caller's side was significantly increased because of various factors. One call in particular changed everything.

At approximately 1:30 in the morning, a call for help came in to the 911 center. A mother was screaming her child was not breathing. The ambulance was dispatched and the address was keyed into the navigation device located on the dash. Once on the caller's road, the crew began counting the neighboring addresses and knew they were getting close as confirmed by the navigation device.

The Locator 911

How it Works

The Locator 911 is a smart LED light bulb that you use to replace your existing front porch light bulb or light that is most visible from the road. Download the free Locator app and connect the bulb via WiFi on your smartphone. The bulb is used as a regular light until 911 services are needed.

When 911 is called, the app takes over the bulb and converts it to a strobing beacon that changes color from red to blue to white and identifies the exact location that 911 was called from. No guessing or radio confirmation from responders is needed. The Locator 911 gives a positive visual confirmation of right where responders need to be.

Our Mission

To ensure public health and safety by decreasing responder response times during emergencies.

The Locator 911


"The Locator 911 is a product that literally could save crucial seconds when time is everything. This is an innovative product that allows first responders to easily recognize the location of an emergency. I have been a police officer and detective for over 20 years and this is just one of those products that just makes sense to have at your residence no matter where you live.”

 ~Detective Jason White, Tulsa Police Department Homicide Unit
Star of A & E's hit show "The First 48"

"I can honestly say there is nothing more frustrating than trying to find the site of an emergency and not being able to pick out the home or occupancy needing assistance for one reason or the other. A single driveway with multiple residences, a mobile home in a mobile home park, multi-unit apartment buildings, or an office in an office suite are just a few examples of these challenging locations. Yes GIS maps, CAD systems, GPS and AVL (automatic vehicle locators) mapping have all combined to decrease response times but it is time to take another step forward in getting assistance where it is needed as quickly as possible. The Locator 911 is a product to do just that. A color changing strobing beacon that will draw undoubted attention to responders as to where help is needed. Without a doubt, everyone of my family members will be getting The Locator 911. I consider it to be just as necessary for your safety as a smoke detector."                                                             

~Mark G., 911 Operations Center Director

"We respond all the time to a large mobile home park that has over 100 mobile homes. All the mailboxes are at the road entrance and the homes are just marked with a lot number. The majority of the numbers are either faded or gone completely which makes it very difficult to find the correct location. The Locator 911 would solve this problem hands down and make our job so much easier in terms of finding the correct address."

~Andrew R., Asst. Supervisor Paramedic

"As a medic, I respond to emergencies wherever they happen. There's never a pretty, well-lit, 100% safe area where we respond. That was definitely the case when I responded to downtown Oklahoma City around 3 am for an injured person after a violent crime. The police were chasing the perpetrator and despite having an address entered into our navigation, with all the emergency lights and additional traffic around, it made it impossible to focus on house numbers. We eventually found the house and had a positive outcome but not before I had to get out of the ambulance with a flashlight to see where we were supposed to go. The Locator 911 would have made it much easier to find with a beacon of light coming from the house!"

~Brandon F., Critical Care Paramedic, HSE

"One night my father began complaining of chest pain and thought he was having a heart attack. The ambulance was having a difficult time finding his house because he did not have any numbers on his mailbox. I had to direct them in to his house using landmarks. His condition was scary enough but having to wait a little longer on the ambulance made it so much worse. The Locator 911 would have given no doubt as to where we were calling from. I would strongly recommend The Locator 911 to anyone wanting that piece of mind that you can be found when you need to be found."

~James J., 20 year Lieutenant Police Officer

"In cases where seconds can be the difference between someone living or dying, finding the correct location quickly is critical. Over my 20 year career, there have been many times where searching for an address caused care to be delayed significantly. The Locator 911 would save valuable seconds and get people the help they need when they need it."

~Kevin G., Fire Dept. Battalion Chief, 20 year AEMT
The Locator 911