Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

WiFi is used instead of Bluetooth due to the connection strength and distance of connection.

Under normal operating conditions, The Locator 911 bulb when used 8 hours per day should last approximately 25,000 hours or 8.5 years.

The Locator 911 was designed for use in a front porch light fixture but can also be used from an interior light fixture or lamp as long as it is visible from the road for responders to see.

The Locator 911 can be used as a regular bulb and is controlled through The Locator 911 mobile app to turn off and on. The power switch should always remain in the on position that powers the bulb.  The app does have an auto on/off timer that you can set for each connected bulb so you can just "set it and forget it".

No there is no monthly or recurring fee associated with The Locator 911 bulb. When the bulb is purchased and the app is downloaded, you are done.

The Locator 911 app is 100% free to download.

The Locator 911 is not designed to be used in fixtures that have a dimmer or motion detection due to the power being restricted.  The bulb will lose connection and not work as intended with these type fixtures.

The Locator 911 app is designed to allow multiple bulb connections so you can add up to 5 Locator 911 bulbs.  Also, don't forget the timer feature that will let you customize the on and off time of each bulb!