The Locator 911 (WiFi and smartphone needed)

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The Locator 911 is a smart WiFi LED light bulb which becomes an emergency locating device to help Police, Fire or Medical find your address quickly in the event of an emergency when 911 is called.  The Locator 911 standard bulb fits any regular light bulb socket and is the same size as a regular light bulb.  It is used for everyday lighting around your home and is customizable using The Locator 911 APP.  This is NOT a cloud-based product!  The Locator 911 works all locally together on your home’s WiFi network and our simple APP.  *requires a 2.4 GHz WiFi network connection* As with all Locator 911 products, we offer an UNCONDITIONAL 90 day money back guarantee!

1 review for The Locator 911 (WiFi and smartphone needed)

  1. Austin Winters

    The Locator 911 is an amazing product. The ordering process was fast and easy and it had shipped quickly, arriving two days early. The locator 911 app is easy to navigate to get the bulb working. What stood out to me was the customer service that they provide. I experienced some operator error issues with the app and the wifi, the customer care team was very quick to reply and generally cared about making sure the product worked as intended. This is not a 9-5 business, The locator 911 team truly cares about their customers and you walk away with not only a great product, but the feeling you are part of the family.

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