The Locator 911 Freedom -no WiFi/Smartphone needed


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The Locator 911 Freedom is the newest life saving product from The Locator 911.  The Freedom bulb installs in a regular light fixture socket and provides the same energy efficient LED light and emergency locating features as the flagship Locator 911 bulb but does not require a smartphone, mobile app, home internet or a WiFi network to use!  Simply install the Freedom bulb in your standard porch fixture socket, turn on the power switch, pair the bulb with your remote and that’s it!  Now you can use your Freedom bulb just like a regular bulb!  When you need emergency services, simply get within range of the Freedom bulb (ensure the power switch is on) and press the RED button activating the unmistakable emergency flash pattern that will lead responders right to your door!  The Freedom bulb does require a CR2032 battery which is included and installed in the remote.  The Freedom bulb also comes with a convenient neck lanyard so the remote can be hung near the fixture, in a centrally located area in the home or worn around the neck.   The Freedom bulb has a signal range of approximately 75 feet and can operate the bulb through an exterior wall.  Signal strength will drop with greater distances and multiple walls between the remote and bulb.  As with all Locator 911 products, we offer an UNCONDITIONAL 90 day money back guarantee!

*NOTE*  The Freedom bulb is used as a visual locating device only and DOES NOT CALL OR NOTIFY EMERGENCY SERVICES WHEN THE BULB IS ACTIVATED.  The user must call 911 for help using their home or mobile phone then manually activate the Freedom bulb using the included remote.


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